Relax on our Beautiful Property. We've got this. 

 Kimberlee Miller Photography

Kimberlee Miller Photography

Thoughtfully Designed Landscape

Our site was designed specifically for weddings, not just random events. It is a rare to find a wedding venue designed by a brilliantly creative landscape designer in his own backyard. It didn't happen overnight, or even in a year, but has continued to evolve for over a decade.

As a landscape designer, Tony was accustomed to creating outdoor spaces with a footprint that fit his clients' needs. When guests attend an outdoor wedding here, they quickly appreciate the way the property is designed to accommodate the flow of a wedding and the way guests move throughout the space.

Kimberlee Miller Photography

A Stunning Experience

As guests enter each new part of the site they are first welcomed by visual beauty. There are no commercial buildings in any of the three areas. From the ceremony area, to the cocktail area, to the reception area, guests step into nature. Each transition unveils another layer to the wedding, surprising all who have come to celebrate the big day. Wedding guests don't arrive expecting to be whisked away to a special destination, but suddenly they feel transported.

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Enjoy Privacy for Your Intimate Event

Because we only hold one wedding a day, our clients don't have to share the property with another party. It is really just you, those you love most, and the team you have hired to execute your day. The practical needs of your wedding guests are met immediately with a gorgeous garden, drinks, food, paved grounds throughout, easily accessible executive restrooms and a central dance floor, all located exactly where and when they need them.

Kimberlee Miller Photography


As you step onto the property, among the first things people notice are the floral scents coming from a wide variety of plants, the song of birds in the garden, and the lovely breeze. It is described as a secluded, peaceful, and quiet oasis, where butterflies are frequent visitors.  The site covers over 5 acres and overlooks a vast working farm, creating a picturesque view across the well-tended fields. Crops, such as, cilantro, corn, and tomatoes are rotated throughout the year.  A mountain range, on either side of the valley, cradles the wedding site in strength and beauty. It has a Mediterranean climate. The location of this coastal valley brings mild ocean breezes and temperatures in the 70’s throughout most of the year. An average rainfall of 13 inches occurs primarily from November to February. Camarillo has over 300 days of sunshine a year and an average humidity of 62%. The proximity of the ocean sometimes causes morning fog in the spring and early summer. The property has a way of inviting our guests to relax. One recent groom recently summed up the special nature of our wedding venue best: "All day everyone has said the same two things to me. Congratulations, and this place is AMAZING!" 

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