Day Of Coordination

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Every couple needs a coordinator on their wedding day.

We want you to have control OF your wedding day, without having to be the one in control ON your wedding day. For that reason we have taken our level of coordinating to "above and beyond" what is considered typical for venue-included site coordinators. We include a Day Of Coordinator because we discovered the more we poured our experience and wisdom into our couples, the more successful their weddings became.

· Receives couple's details packet 30-days prior

· Finalize all details at the 10-day prior meeting

· Preparation of timeline & distribution to all vendors

· Coordinates ceremony rehearsal

· Receives all set-up items and alcohol at rehearsal

· Supervises set-up & distributes items: favors, programs, escort cards, etc.

· Organizes wedding party for ceremony processional and grand entrance

· Wedding day coordination (ceremony and reception)

· Distributes tips to vendors (optional)

· Supervises packing and loading any items the couple wants to take home (not private rooms

· Will stay calm, supportive, and share your joy right along with you and your guests.

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We believe in a team approach.

While Jen and your Day Of Coordinator give you the most guidance and answer most of your questions, they also consult Rob about the site, and Robert about the catering. This is what you can count on from Jen when if comes to coordinating support:

· Wedding Site walk-through at tour

· Preferred Vendor List and other helpful planning documents

· Basecamp online communication for your questions

· details planning packet

· 60-day prior meeting

· 10-day prior meeting

· Often on site at wedding