The Property

As you step onto the property, among the first things people notice are the floral scents coming from a wide variety of plants, the song of birds in the garden, and the lovely breeze.  It is described as a secluded, peaceful, and quiet oasis, where butterflies are frequent visitors.  The site covers over 5 acres and overlooks a vast working farm, creating a picturesque view across the well-tended fields.  Crops, such as, cilantro, corn, and tomatoes are rotated throughout the year.  A mountain range, on either side of the valley, cradles the wedding site in strength and beauty.  It has a Mediterranean climate. The location of this coastal valley brings mild ocean breezes and temperatures in the 70’s throughout most of the year. An average rainfall of 13 inches occurs primarily from November to February. Camarillo has over 300 days of sunshine a year and an average humidity of 62%.  The proximity of the ocean sometimes causes morning fog in the spring and early summer.  The property has a way of inviting our guests to relax.





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