Mike and Lisa

There is something about Maravilla Gardens that makes you feel refreshed and at peace.  Amidst the pre-wedding day chaos, we were assured that everything would be taken care of, and we were not let down.  The coordinator and staff are hospitable and gracious.  Maravilla Gardens was well prepared for our needs, anticipating everyone’s next move before we even thought of them.  The grounds are immaculate—there is so much attention to detail.  We love the look of the rustic barn, as well as the little touches, like the welcome signs and the doves, which add so much to the atmosphere.  The landscaping is amazing, helping to compliment the beauty of the day.  Our photographer was excited about all of the possibilities for taking photos, and they turned out wonderful.  (Although if you take pictures in the neighboring fields, beware of muddy shoes!)

Our reception began with our first dance, right after sunset.  The faint glow of sunlight, with family and loved ones surrounding us, made everything surreal.  As the night continued, the staff was able to accommodate our every need.  They worked with our DJ to make everything run smoothly and professionally.  Command Performance, the caterer, even thought make up plates from our buffet dinner and bring them to our table, making certain that we were able to taste the excellent meal while everyone was lined up for the buffet.  We are sure there were things that went wrong throughout the night, but the staff dealt with everything so quickly and effortlessly that we didn’t notice anything.  Finally, just when we thought that the night was over, Maravilla Gardens arranged a processional with sparklers to end a most memorable occasion.

Though much of the night flew by in a whir of toasts, laughter, dancing, and celebrating with our nearest and dearest, we can honestly say that this was the best party we have ever attended, and many of our guests agreed!  Thank you Maravilla Gardens!