How does a dusty lemon orchard in Southern California become a gorgeous wedding venue? 

I was four when my parents bought this property and we started living here in a small, used, pink trailer. They had big plans. Tony, my dad, was ready to start a landscaping company. My mom, Jo, had her sights set on a nursery. I was raised on the property along with my three siblings, where we ran barefoot and fancy free.

The very first wedding hosted here was ours.

One day, I came home from college ready to marry a boy who grew up on farms in Indiana. Rob and I had a simple little ceremony in the backyard, followed by a reception in the front yard. It was beautiful, relaxed, and it was the first and last time a buffet on this property used our garage as a backdrop! My farm boy and I returned to Sacramento to start our life and a family of our own.

Ten years passed. My dad began recreating the nursery (and our home) into a wedding venue, with the goal of sharing the same welcoming, relaxed feeling we had at our wedding.

He decided it was time to climb on his tractor and move some earth, build a stage, plant a patch of grass, and turn Maravilla Gardens Nursery and Landscaping into Maravilla Gardens Weddings and Events.  The site has been carefully designed and evolves each year, as we gain a greater understanding of how weddings flow and what guests need as they transition from one event of the day to the next. We still plan off-season projects to improve the site. Together, we have built our own little piece of outdoor wedding perfection.

A Family-Run Business

It was back in 2010 when my little family of four moved home to Camarillo. Mom and Dad found retirement was in the near future. I dove in headfirst, immersing myself in all things wedding. And what about my farm boy? A year later he left his job in wholesale produce to help me with the business. It was the best decision we made. I surely can't run this place without him!

What do we love about running Maravilla Gardens?

Rob refers to working here as his dream job. He is outdoors each day, working the land, much as his did as a boy (minus the corn, cows, and pigs). In the office he applies his natural talent for organization and spreadsheets to keep us on track.

Personally, I love everything about guiding couples through this amazing journey. I enjoy starting at the very beginning with a tour, to the hugs at the end of the night as they leave. The entire process is one based on each couple's love story. With a background in studio art, creating weddings with amazing families has become a group art project, producing stunningly beautiful results and memories that last a lifetime. Our lives are colored by the experiences of the people who fill this space. 

This photo was taken 28 years prior to the wedding venue being built.

My dad escorting me down the aisle.

This is all there was to Maravilla Gardens the first year.  The view was everything.

Me and my groom.