Testimonial from Marianne Wilson Photography

Our friends over at Marianne Wilson Photography love working at Maravilla Gardens. Here's what they have to say about their experience photographing happy couples on their wedding day here at Maravilla.

"We have a very long list of reasons that we love Maravilla and think that it is a wonderfully unique venue, but we will keep it to our top few. First and foremost, they maintain their venue like no other venue that we have ever been to. On any given day, you can stop by and you will probably see Rob and others working to keep Maravilla as perfect as they can. You just don't get that at most other outdoor venues. At most other outdoor venues, the first wedding of the season doesn't look much like the last wedding of the season because the grass is dying, a lot of the plants are trampled, there's bits of trash in the bushes, there's stains on the pathways, etc. At Maravilla, every wedding, all season long, is gorgeous. You can really see the pride that they have in their venue, and that is really unique.

Second, Maravilla is not a gigantic venue, but it isn't a tiny one, and there are SO many spots to shoot that have perfect light. For a photographer, a mid-size venue with tons of great spots to shoot is like walking into your backyard and finding a unicorn standing on top of a massive pile of gold that is surrounded by a bunch of puppies that are already trained and will never grow old (Presumably because of the unicorn's magic? We don't know how perma-puppies work exactly). The reason that this particular combo is so amazing is that at most venues photographers are caught in a catch 22: at huge venues, there are usually plenty of places that you could shoot, but couples and wedding parties do not want to hike 2 miles in high heels and suits/tuxes to take photos, no matter how amazing the location(s) may be. So, you usually end up shooting at locations that are convenient for the couple and the wedding party to access, but are not necessarily the best spots for photography at the venue. At small venues, you can get the couple and wedding party to any part of the venue you want, but you are usually shooting at the times where the ceremony and/or reception are being set up, so the few places that you would want to shoot at the venue are crawling with florists, caterers, rental company people, etc. trying to get things set up for the guests and you don't really have any choice other than to either get really creative or shoot somewhere other than the venue (which is always such a bummer... paying all of that money for a venue and not being able to get any of your formal photos done there is a little heartbreaking for us). At Maravilla, there are tons of amazing spots to shoot that aren't swarming with other professionals, and they are all close enough that the couple and wedding party can stay very comfortable while we photograph them.

Third, they are so organized! We always tell our couples "the more organized you get before your wedding day, the smoother your wedding day will flow." At Maravilla, Jen and the day-of coordinators take a lot of the burden of organizing weddings off of their couples by walking them through the process step-by-step and by being super organized themselves. They have a great process and it shows. Things run on time. Everything that is supposed to get done, gets done. We have shot upward of 30 weddings at Maravilla at this point and at Maravilla, our couples are always relaxed. The reason that our Maravilla couples are always relaxed is that they almost never have to deal with issues on their wedding day. Relaxed, happy couples who are enjoying their day from start to finish always look great in photos. :)

We were going to try to limit ourselves to three, but we have to add that all of the people at Maravilla are genuinely pleasant people to be around and they are super easy to work with. At Maravilla, they understand that we are all on "team couple" and we all need to work together to make our couples' day as awesome as we can! You don't see that at a lot of other venues. So often, venue coordinators at other venues don't communicate well with the other professionals, they hover over us while we are shooting and have an almost adversarial attitude toward us from the second we show up, even though we have never met them! It just isn't like that at Maravilla. They are wonderful people who treat their couples and everyone else that they work with exceptionally well.

We could go on for pages and pages about all of the reasons that Maravilla is such a special place. But, those are our top four. :)"