There's A Whole Lot Of Love After A Wedding. What Better Way To Express It Than With A Love Letter? We help our couples love their wedding so much they wish they could do it all over again. Read on to see the love letters we've received from brides and grooms as well as their friends and families.



"I don't think it's often that the couple receives thank you cards from their guests but to this day we are still receiving cards & compliments from our friends & family that ours was one of the best weddings they have ever attended. In addition, our florist & officiant both had not done a wedding at Maravilla before, but both were extremely impressed and said Maravilla was one of the best places they had ever worked at. We can say with confidence that we have Maravilla's staff, their expertise, and their accommodating demeanor to thank for that."

Stephen and Tiffany – 8/1/14



"From the moment we saw the venue online from Singapore we knew it was ‘the one’, after that everything just got better!  Everyone at Maravilla Gardens made our day perfect, and we will always be thankful for their fabulous efforts.  I really don’t think (I know!) we never would have had the same personal, star like service, had we got married anywhere else.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our destination wedding the best day ever."

Claire & Nick – 8/24/14



"Thank you for all the continuous help and attention to detail in providing a beautiful venue to capture the day, and for making sure everything ran smoothly.  We really felt hands-off on that day, and were able to enjoy every second of it.  Our guests had nothing but great compliments about the venue, despite it being the hottest day of the summer.  We wish you guys much success as you continue to grow, and will definitely be recommending MG to future love birds."

Tony & Christina – 8/30/13



"The second I stepped on the grounds for the first time, I was struck by the immaculate care taken in the landscaping and organization of the property. The flow is fantastic, laid out as somewhat of a circle. The guests always knew where they were supposed to be. The mountain views are magnificent, but it's just tucked away enough to feel private and cozy. 

One of the best things about Maravilla Gardens is their flexibility. Whenever we pitched an idea, they went for it. They also have a great, comprehensive list of preferred vendors, which helped steer us in the right direction when we weren't sure where to start. Still, they were supportive when we picked vendors that were not on their list. It could not have gone better!"

Michelle and Brady – 8/3/13



"I had my wedding here, and it was beautiful. Everything came out perfect and the whole team was so nice to work with. They made it extremely easy and answered all our questions. All my guests were seriously WOWed by this venue. The flow of the grounds is awesome, the scenery is perfect! I would recommend this place to anyone!! The catering company they use had the best food. It was the most perfect place to get married."

Danica and Justin – 6/23/13




"At one point during the wedding, my husband pulled me away from the dance floor & brought me up to the path that led to the reception. Once we got to the middle of the path he told me to turn around & we looked over the reception. It was one of those moments that takes your breath away. There, down on the dance floor, was everyone we dearly loved having the best time. The love and the laughter coming from that reception was so wonderful to hear. And I believe there was not one person sitting in their chair! Thank you, Maravilla Gardens, for making that day so special for us, and our daughter and son-in-law!"

Carol (Mother of the Bride) – 5/26/13



"I want to thank Maravilla Gardens and the wonderful people that work so hard to make my daughter's dreams come true!!! Jen you and your husband are a great team thank you so much for making the day run so smoothly !!! Our site coordinator kept us so calm and with that beautiful smile always going! It made it easy to enjoy every minute! Our guest said it over and over again what a perfect place to get married! The motorcycle ..... Thank you for letting their dream happen! I'm sure we will see you again with daughter number two!!!!"

Catherine (Mother of the Bride) – 9/14/13



"Maravilla is an incredible wedding venue! Aside from the beautiful locale, what really sets this venue apart from many others is the wonderful staff.  They work really hard to make your wedding dreams a reality while always keeping the couple's best interest in mind. I loved how personal and homey the venue felt without compromising any of the natural beauty. I received a lot of compliments from my guests and quite a few said that they wished they could have been married here as well."

Jessica & Patrick – 10/27/13