Greg and Maya

Luckily for us, my parents were willing to do most of the leg work.  I sent them a list of six or seven venues to check out.  Maravilla Gardens was the second one they visited and it was a real struggle for me to even get them to drive by the other five.  My parents were adamant that Maravilla was the most beautiful venue in both Los Angeles and Ventura counties and that Jo was the friendliest, most helpful person around.  As it turned out, they were right on both accounts.

We got married at the end of October, but there were still flowers in bloom, bright colors abounding, and hummingbirds flying around during the ceremony.  The grounds are quite unique.  Both the mountains in the background and the white doves completed the picturesque nature of Maravilla Gardens.

Although we probably should have been worried that we were committing to a venue sight unseen, all of our emails were promptly answered and we were smoothly guided through the planning process.  We were confident that our wedding would be exquisite and run smoothly.  And it did!  Robert, the site’s caterer from Command Performance, also made sure that the food and service would be tailored to our tastes and to our budget.

Our wedding day ended up being one of the few cloudy days in Southern California.  However, I think it ended up to our benefit because the light mist hovering above the beautiful landscaping leant an enchanting, romantic mood to the entire affair.  All the lights glowed softly and at times it felt like we were in another world.  We’ve heard from many of our guests that it was the most beautiful wedding they had ever been to, and our friends have had weddings in locations ranging from ritzy New York City hotels to yacht clubs in Buenos Aires.  Our Site Coordinator made sure our wedding went off without a hitch.  She helped usher guests from one area to the next, everything was in its right place, and we didn’t have to think about a single thing.  Between the mystical setting, and all the helping hands, it was like a bunch of little elves were working on our behalf to set up our magical wedding.