Do the fields below the site always have a crop growing in them?

We don't own the fields below our site.  They are maintained by farmers who plant according to weather and market price.  The are constantly going through the rotation that produces vegetables for market.  The solid is tilled, rows are formed, planting occurs, followed by water, sun, and time.  Harvest comes about, followed by the soil being tilled.  And so, it all begins again.  There is never an odor that comes from the fields, farmers rarely work during weddings, but in the off chance they a quiet, and the only crop they spray is corn, but spraying happens in the morning when the air is still.

Can we pick our own caterer? 

No, Command Performance is our exclusive caterer.  As you may know, they also are the caterer for the Reagan Library, and as such, cook for heads of state and international dignitaries.  They are known for their ability to create the dinner that completes your day.  You have a selection of five price points, and within that range there are numerous choices.  If you have a special idea, I always encourage you to take it to our Catering Coordinator.  One thing couples appreciate about them is their flexibility and desire to help you create the wedding of your dreams.  We have tested them for over a decade, and have found them to be consistently awesome.

What is included in your package?  What is it that I will need to supply?

Our brides and grooms are looking for a perfect wedding day that they can enjoy with their friends and family, and is easy to plan.  We have accomplished this by including in our presentation the site, caterer, day of coordinator, and all the rentals.  We do not provide music, flowers, photography, or the officiate.  You will be responsible for bringing your own alcohol without a corkage fee, and dessert without a cutting cost.  Please contact us for packages.

When can I visit?

We like to show the venue by appointment only.  In that way, we are here to focus on you and your needs.  Simply email us through our contact page with all your details.

How do I reserve my date?

Most couples sign the contract and put down the $3000 deposit after they tour.  But, we also have several couples each year who sign without first seeing the site in person because they live too far away.

How long before my wedding can I book with you?

Typically, we book 18 months prior to a wedding season begins, but we are open to booking earlier.  Our season begins the second weekend in April and ends the second to last weekend in October.

When do I make payments?

A $3000 deposit is made when you sign the contract, an additional payment of $7000 is due at 6 months prior to the wedding, the balance is due 60 days before the wedding, any the final payment and the security deposit is due 10 days before the wedding.  That is when you give us your final payment.

Is there a rehearsal?

Yes.  Typically, our rehearsals are held either on our first available afternoon or evening prior to your wedding, or from 12:00-1:00 if we have a wedding the day before your wedding.  

How many guests can you accommodate?

We have the ability of host up to 300 guests at a time.  More than ample parking is available with 150 designated spaces.

How late can we stay in the evening?

You get the site from 2:30 pm to 10:30 pm, vendors can arrive at 1:30.  The music must be off by 10:00, in accordance with our Ventura County ordinance and cannot be extended.  If you would like an after party, we recommend Safire American Bistro, just down the road and will stay open until 2:00 am.  The Courtyard Marriott shares the same parking lot, making it easy for guests to walk straight from the after party to their rooms at the end of the night.

Is there a coordinator included?  When do I start working with her? What will she do for us?

Yes, there is a “Day Of” Site Coordinator included.  She begins working with you 30 days before your wedding, once you know the details of the day.  She provides guidelines to design a timeline for the day and attends your 10-day prior meeting.  On the day of your wedding, she will coordinate between the vendors you have hired, as well as the caterer, to keep your schedule on track.  She arrives one hour before you and arranges all of your set-up items.  She directs your guests throughout the evening, from when it is time to begin the wedding ceremony, until you drive away.  It is her aim that you and your family can relax and enjoy your wedding day.

Is your site handicapped accessible?

Yes, it is.

What do you do if it rains?

That is one of the good things about living in a desert; it seldom rains between late April and the end of October.  If by the off chance there would be rain, Command Performance is able to arrange for you to rent a tent.  After reserving one at your 10-day meeting, they will watch the weather to see if it is really needed.  We have never had a tent needed between April and October.

Where are the restrooms?

Our restrooms are located at the level of the cocktails and reception.   This makes them very accessible. 

What is your site fee?

Our site fee is $5,700 for 2015 and $5,950 for 2016.  If you choose to get married on a Saturday, there is an additional fee of $6.00 per guest and includes an assistant site coordinator.  That fee is waived for Friday and Sunday events, except for the Sundays prior to Memorial Day, a Sunday when Monday is the 4th of July, and Labor Day.  Any major holiday is an additional $5.00 per person.

What is your minimum number of guests for Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

Our minimum number of guests for Saturday is 150 guests.  For Friday and Sunday, it is 75 guests. If you would like to be married at Maravilla Gardens, but do not have the required number of guests, you can still be married here, but you would have to pay for the minimum for the day.  The minimum number of 150 guests is required for the Sundays prior to Memorial Day, a Monday 4th of July, and Labor Day.

What lighting is included in your site fee?  Can more be added?

Our standard lighting is sufficient for your wedding.  There are twinkle lights in four of the large trees in the reception area, market lights strung across our reception area, as well as accessory lighting around the perimeter, and landscape lighting throughout the site.

Is the dance floor included?  How many can it accommodate?

We have a wonderful built in dance floor of stamped and stained concrete, designed to be sufficient for 300 guests.

Can we have candles on the tables?

Yes, though we do require that they be in glass votives or hurricane shields.  Be sure they are designed to burn for 6 hours.

Do you recommend vendors?

Yes.  When you complete your signing packet we give you a list of vendors.  These are vendors who have worked here previously and we know and love.

What form of payment do you accept?

Check is the most common, but we can also accept cash, money order, or cashier’s check.  We are not equipped to accept credit cards.

What can we do if it is too hot or too cold?

At your 10-day meeting, we take a look at the weather forecast.  At that time I will advise you according to our experience.  We have heaters available on site and they will take care of any drop in temperature.  You will need 1 heater per every 20 guests, and they rent for $85 each.  Although we do have a mild coastal breeze, we have a lovely shade canopy that covers the ceremony site.

Do I need Liability Insurance?

Yes, you will need day of insurance.  Our insurance will cover general liability for the property.  Your insurance will cover any unforeseen issues related to you and your guests.  Additional insurance protects both of us.  Often you can get this insurance through your homeowner’s policy or we recommend R.V. Nuccio at www.rvnuccio.com.

Do you require security?

Yes, you will need to purchase security through Sandman Security at your 60-day prior meeting.  The cost is $200 for 5 1/2 hours of security.  The security man comes dressed as a wedding guest and is available to respond to any unexpected situations and makes sure your guests stay safe the entire evening.